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  1. The abrupt sound of two hard objects coming into contact.


  1. To make such a sound.

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Clonk is a computer game developed by RedWolf Design. The game features a mix of the action, real-time strategy and platform game genres. The games of the series are traditionally released as Shareware; older versions have become available as Freeware. Using the integrated developer mode, experienced players are able to create extensions on their own.


In Clonk, the player controls small, humanoid beings - the so-called Clonks - within a two-dimensional, dynamically modifiable landscape using keyboard or mouse. Clonks interact with their surrounding landscape, animals, weather, buildings and objects. The game can be played alone or in multiplayer in split-screen or via local network or Internet. Four different keyboard settings, combined with the option of using a mouse or gamepad, result in allowing up to six players on one computer. The game goal depends on the scenario being played, varying between melees, in which players fight each other, strategical team siege scenarios and cooperative missions.


Several extensions are available for registered players:
  • Knights: Medieval object pack, in which knights fight each other with axes, swords and bows by foot or on horse. Castles can be built using a modular castle building system and some medieval economy branches are available.
  • Hazard: A futuristic pack, in which Clonks fight against aliens or other Clonks using a variety of weapons. This pack was originally released for Clonk Planet has been remade for Clonk Rage.
  • Far worlds: Three elaborate scenarios (deep sea, jungle and Arctic), in which the Clonks live in inhospitable areas, where mere survival is a challenge. Out of the three Arctic is the most challenging, requiring the Clonks to eat food regularly, and get warm often.
  • Golems: Clonkian magicians receive the ability to animate statues into Golems. Originally there was the Gold Golem, Rock Golem, and Snow Golem, each with their own different strengths, but later scenarios by players added a few more golems such as the Fire Golem.
  • Fantasy: Dragons, magic, adventures and more. This extension adds new spells to the current magic system.
  • Western: Cowboys, Indians and accessories. This object pack was originally created for a design contest, but has been developed into an official extension.
Additionally, several unofficial extensions have been created by players.

Comprehensive Clonk Archive Network

The Comprehensive Clonk Archive Network (short: CCAN) is the largest and most popular download-page for the Clonk-community. Players are distributing extensions for the game on a daily basis. In order to participate, a valid registration code is required. Extensions for older (freeware) versions of Clonk can be downloaded for free.


Since the release of Clonk Planet, every registered player may start developing of his own using the integrated developer mode. It's possible to add new objects (such as Clonks, weapons, buildings, etc.), scenarios or complete packs such as the official Extensions.
Many players have used these options and created extension packs, which can be downloaded from the fan sites.


  • MS-DOS games
    • 1994 - Clonk 1
    • 1994 - Clonk 2 Debakel
    • 1995 - Clonk A.P.E. (Advanced Player Edition)
    • 1996 - Clonk 3 Radikal
  • Windows games
    • 1998 - Clonk 4
    • 1999 - Clonk Planet
    • 2001 - Golden Wipf Edition (unofficial extension for Clonk Planet)
    • 2004 - Clonk Endeavour
  • Cross platform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS)
    • 2007 - Clonk Rage
  • 3D-graphics
    • unknown - Clonk Extreme (in development)
Starting from 2001, RedWolf Design stopped development of Clonk Planet and started developing Clonk Extreme. The source code of the Clonk Planet engine was released, and attracted a team of players who developed Clonk Planet GWE. Within this fan-project, several sorely missed features have been implemented, such as more editability and modern 32Bit graphics.
Later, in 2003, RedWolf Design revived the series by collaborating with the GWE team and creating the current Clonk title called "Clonk Endeavour" from the previous GWE 4. The development continues, and several extensions such as a new network architecture for faster internet games are being developed.
The other development goal is called "Clonk Extreme" - short "ClonkX", which is supposed to transform the game principle of Clonk into a 3D-game. Development progresses slowly, and only early alpha versions of the game exist. Clonk Extreme was announced to be released in 2050, but it found out to be an April Fool.

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